Sara Lourenco Sederino

I have been painting and drawing since I could hold a pencil.

I have always been very creative and artistic, be it drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, crafting, calligraphy, illustration, video making and editing, photography, fashion, make-up, etc. I am also extremely perfectionist in these things.

fun fact:

I wanted to become a tattoo artist when I was 17. But then I took the classical route and completed my vocational baccalaureate at an art school. After school I thought about studying art history or art psychology. But then I ended up in the beauty industry, where I could live out my creativity in make-up.

But my love for tattoos was always there. That’s why I got a lot of tattoos and now I have 15 tattoos and more and more :))

Except for my little heart on my middle finger, all my tattoos are in Portuguese + one in Arabic.

Every single tattoo of mine has a great meaning to me. They describe me 100% & I just love them all.